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What is Surveyreference?

We send surveys that are paid in US dollars and can be redeemed via PayPal or Amazon vouchers. We are interested in your opinion and you can get paid for expressing it

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Thank you very much! You are great and your surveys are really well paid

I have already received the first surveys, it really works! The website is much more beautiful than the other survey websites!

Surveyreference to surveys is a bit like collecting points: once you reach the required number, you can choose your prize. It’s not bad at all, congratulations on the news.


What is Surveyreference and is it free to join?

Surveyreference (like saying "good game" to someone) is a fun and unique rewards program that is free to join. You can earn points by playing games, participating in surveys and completing offers from advertisers. You can also earn video credits by playing videos from our advertisers on your phone or computer.

Can you outline how the surveys work?

Taking a number of surveys every day is one of the best ways for you to earn points. Our site helps connect you to major market research companies that are assisting companies in getting the feedback they need to improve their products and services, or develop new ones. They want to ask people like you questions about a variety of topics, such as whether you like your cell phone and internet provider, whether you think specific ads for cars are good, what stores you shop at, what you tend to buy, and more.

I tried to do some research, but was told I was not eligible. What does this mean?

This happens because sometimes the company paying to do the survey is looking for a very specific demographic type (for example, a high school graduate between the ages of 18 and 34 who has worked in retail). We can only credit you with surveys that you are able to fully complete. Just keep trying other surveys and/or other survey providers on our site until you qualify for one. Eventually you will find a good survey that is looking for people just like you.

I completed an offer, but I didn't receive credit for it yet. What should I do?

Some offers report their confirmations to us on a bit of a delay. If you still haven't received credit after 48 hours, please send us an email with the details at [email protected], and we'll be happy to look into it and see if we are able to track down what happened and get you the credit. Include any screenshots you were able to take showing that the offer was completed successfully.

How do payouts work?

All PayPal payouts are done in USD, and we do not charge any fee on our end. PayPal payouts are usually sent out multiple times each day in big batches. If you redeem for an eGift Card instead, they are usually sent out within about 24-36 hours.

How do I contact you?

If you ever have any questions, email us at [email protected]

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